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Winter sports goods industry can be more prosperous

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 WeChat circle of friends is a concentration of the world, here, now popular what can be perceived. Some people walk last year, the number of steps equal to the number of marathon running, some people share the joy of conquering different ski tracks, some people determined to learn to skate in the new year...... All in all, it's about sports. The movement, can not do without equipment. With the rise of the national movement, especially in Beijing, Zhangjiakou joint bid for the success of the Winter Olympics, winter sports goods consumption enthusiasm is being stimulated. 

In the country to carry out and popularize the winter mass sports activities, driven by 300 million people on the snow - Beijing bid for the Winter Olympic Games put forward this beautiful goal, in fact, also means that winter sports consumer market is extremely broad. With such a huge opportunity, but it is a bit chaotic situation of China's ice and snow industry market. Due to a late start, and hopefully cultivating the market for foreign mature brand, so in a period of time, the domestic sales agent products are mostly foreign brands, with respect to the upcoming winter Olympics, Chinese winter sports goods industry also is only just on the road. However, the processing of foreign brands and products are mostly completed in China's coastal provinces, in the process, the relevant enterprises have accumulated experience. Next, as long as the two things to do, even if the start late, I believe that the pace of winter sports goods industry can go faster. 

 The first thing to increase the depth of professional research and development. The content of science and technology of winter sports equipment is higher than the summer sports equipment needs, while China's sports brand is from leisure brand extension or transformation, especially in the professional function of snow sports professional function is in a relatively backward stage, to increase research and development efforts, enhance the technological content of products to seize the market, accelerate. More importantly, with the popularity of winter sports in China, this part of the professional needs will be gradually released, the level of consumer demand for winter sports goods will be more abundant. Therefore, the product development of the relevant enterprises should not just stay on the periphery, but rather a step faster than the development of the market, through the provision of multi-level professional products to promote the public winter sports equipment market consumption. In other words, focus on the development of differentiated professional areas, perhaps a way to break through the brand. 


 Second things to do precision marketing. The use of short-term hot resources, such as the Olympic Games, the world cup such large-scale events, can get a few times or even more than ten times the ratings. After that, the concept of "Sports" or "pan movement" will be further strengthened to enhance the consumer's desire for consumption. In recent years, many of China's apparel brand is by participating in various events, enhance brand awareness. For winter sports goods manufacturing enterprises, it should be so. In the face of the inevitable arrival of the Winter Olympics consumption climax in the marketing level must be fine, precise, difference, and more with WeChat, micro-blog and other social media promotion, publicity events will also form a good interaction between supply and demand. 

 Of course, to do these two things, not just winter sports goods industry, but the entire sporting goods industry. By 2025, the total size of China's sports industry is expected to reach 5 trillion yuan, as a sports equipment to provide sporting goods industry will also get a share. In this context, the return of professional sports, the voice is getting higher and higher. To return to professional sports, we must first have a professional, so that consumers can accept and recognized products. For example, the need for professional running tights, heart rate measurement equipment, such as a range of products, of which, there are also running a fluorescent strip running equipment. China's sporting goods brand to do, is to create a professional product features, and through professional products to promote the extension of peripheral products consumption. 

 However, in the face of 5 trillion yuan of gold, do not be too happy too early. The expansion of the consumer market means that competition is more intense, the game will continue. For just the winter sports goods industry on the road, it is inevitable that there will be a large influx of funds, opportunities and shocks are co-exist, we need to develop and calm. 

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